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drama - a composition in verse or prose intended to portray life or character or to tell a story usually involving conflicts and emotions through action and dialogue and typically designed for theatrical performance.


Our theatre academy focuses on preparing our students for auditions, acting for the camera, and stage performances.  Our class curriculum consists of guidance in cold-reading skills, monologues, attention to movement, as well as preparing them for musical theatre productions.  During the class the students will work with various scripts and work on scripts that they have created themselves which allows them how to create and work thru a scene to fully develop the character.


Our theatre academy specializes in preparing our students for a role in a musical theatre production by combining our acting classes with voice and dance lessons to make them a true triple threat.  By working with our private voice coach they will learn how to read music, prepare themselves to audition with a selection on songs, and sight read music for auditions and call backs.  The last piece of the puzzle to becoming a triple threat is the ability to pick up and perform choreography.  Our dance classes will give them an insight into the different styles of dance as well as the technique they will need to get them through the audition and on to the main production.  We will give them the tools they will need to become a successful actor or actress.


•Ages: Role Based


Our theatre program focuses on Learning through Performing. We take our students through all of the stages of being involved in a show during each session. By working through each phase of a show the students will gain an understanding of what each phase involves. They will work their way through Auditions, Rehearsals, and the Performance. The session will begin with a cold reading of the selected play and we will talk through the different characters and roles of the play and how to handle an Audition. The next step will lead us into auditions and callbacks and the roles will be given based on the Auditions. The next phase will move us into rehearsals and we will show them the proper method for rehearsing and how to develop their character and the best ways to practice on their own when not in rehearsal to fully develop the character. That moves us into the last and most exciting phase, the Performance where all of the technical aspects come together and they are able to share their hard work in front of a live audience.


•Ages: ALL


Theatrix is Southern Performing Arts Academy’s theatre program that believes in the power of performance. Our Theatrix program is built with passion for the arts as well as innovation to meet the highest of expectations. Theatre is an expression, an outlet, and a discovery within oneself of which can be perceived in many different ways. It is what you make of it and there is not a right or wrong answer to what one would perceive it to be. This is what makes art so special; it is a never-ending story that comes to life inside your mind and on the stage. Join us in sharing the magic of theatre with our community. It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, we welcome you to join us on stage or behind the scenes. Be sure to check out our upcoming schedule for auditions and upcoming shows.



JULY 16-20, 2018

AGES 9-18: 10:30-3:30


Learn the musical and perform it in-studio from auditions to performance! Wear dance attire and jazz shoes. Pack a notebook, pencil, and lunch.


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