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•Ages 6 and up

•Ballet I thru Pre-Professional

•Pointe: By audition only


Celebrated for its’ beauty, Ballet is the traditional form of dance that evolved from the court dances King Louis XIV in the 1600’s. The word ballet is French but comes from the Italian word ballare, which means, “to dance.” Over time it has been refined to the skilled and artistic vision we see today. We recommend all of our students to study Ballet. A sound ballet technique provides an easy transition into other forms of dance. Ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and line.


•Ages 8 and up

•Level I thru Advanced

•Pre Jazz ages 6 and 7


Jazz is a popular form of dance used in the different performance industries such as musical theatre, concert work, and the commercial industry. Students are introduced to specific jazz techniques throughout the year using specific warm-ups, center exercises, progressions, turns and combinations. Musicality, rhythm, and performance skills are stressed through a series of dance combinations using different genres of music such as classic oldies, hip hop, and pop culture music.


•Ages 6 and up

•Tap I through Advanced


Tap is an art form in itself that teaches rhythm, timing, and balance using the dancer’s feet. Tap dancers learn how to use their feet like a drum to create rhythmic patterns and sounds. Tap, like hip- hop has many different styles but a lot of times you can categorize it into a couple of different styles. Broadway style is a lot more “showy” because you will use your arms and upper bodies as well as your feet to blend it in with the tap routine. The other style is called rhythm tap. Rhythm tap is based more on the rhythms that you are making with your feet than on using your arms and upper body. A lot of times rhythm tap dancers are considered “hoofers.” A “hoofer” tries to use every part of the tap shoe to create as many different and unique sounds with their feet as they can think of. Tap is a terrific way to enhance one’s coordination and rhythm. Tap dance is a particular dynamic art form where dancers continually to mold and shape it.


•Ages 8 and Up

•Beginning I through Advanced

•Kid Hop – ages 6 & 7


Hip-hop is a form of expression; hip-hop allows you to create intricate movements to music that portray how you are feeling in that particular moment. Hip-hop has many different styles which allows the teacher to express their own individuality during their classes. Hip-hop includes styles such as breaking, popping, locking, krumping, as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own style. You will see hip-hop in music videos, commercials, and throughout the entertainment industry. Our teachers provide high energy classes that focuses on using different styles of music whether it is fast or slow, old school or new. Students will learn some of the latest steps and choreography, which will allow them to put their own personality and attitude with the instructor’s combination. The more comfortable the student becomes they will begin to hit the accents in the music and make the combo come alive with their musicality and attitude. Hip-hop evolves each and everyday so each combination could be different from day to day, week to week, or class to class.


•Ages 10 and Up

•Levels Beginner through Advanced


Modern Dance was born in the early 20th century from the rebellion of dancers against traditional structured technique. Modern dance is a style of dance that is centered more around the dancer’s own interpretations of the music instead of using traditional technique. When you are in a modern dance class you are encouraged to dance through your own emotions and moods to create the movement. It is typical to see a modern dancer create their own step when dancing to a particular piece of music, if any(music), instead of being limited to a more structured technique. Modern dance has a technique that is based on weight, strength control, breathing, balance and movement, and contractions and release.


•Ages 3 and Up

•3/4 Combo, 4/5 Combo, & 5/6 Combo


A combination class of ballet and tap is offered for students ages three through six. Basic ballet and tap terminology, rhythms, gross motor skills and muscle awareness are taught through the use of children’s song and dance routines. Youngsters benefit from this overall learning experience while preparing to advance to the next level of dance.

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