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music (myōṓzĭk) - The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre.


SPAA offers private music instruction to provide our students with every tool they will need in order to excel in the performing arts industry.  If you are a beginner looking to learn a new hobby or an advanced student looking to further your musical education, our instructors will not only provide you with the training to surpass your goals, but they inspire you to fully enjoy the musical art form, . We offer training in voice, piano, guitar, snare drum, and drum kit lessons. Students will advance more quickly and learn new skills faster while learning in our one on one environment with a private instructor.


What Music can do for you...

• Early music training helps to develop brain areas that are involved in language and reasoning skills.


• Students of the arts learn to think creatively to solve problems that can be applied to problem solving in everyday life.


• Studies show that students who study the arts are more likely to be successful on standardized tests.  It is also proven that students of the arts maintain higher grades in school.


• Music allows the students to learn the value of hard work and effort to achieve excellence.


• Students of the arts provide children and adults with a means of self expression.


• Music of the arts is an expressive, creative, and fun outlet.

Styles Offered




Our Passion

We are passionate for the arts. We are passionate for Music.


Our teachers are professional performers themselves and use their talent and experience to create lesson plans that will motivate and inspire.


Our lessons are designed to cater to all learning styles. Music speaks to everyone in different ways and our teachers are able to harness the love of music to motivate and create excitement for their student’s progress.

Everyone learns in a different way…

Everyone learns in a different way…


Our lessons are tailored to you and we make it easy to accommodate your schedule. Our private lessons make it easy to plan your lesson around your schedule.


Ready to showcase your hard work. Show them off with one of our Performance opportunities through an in-studio recital, one of our music events, or at one of our showcase events.


Thanks! We will be in touch.

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