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Digital Days at SPAA

A safe environment for your student's Digital Learning Day!

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7:30am - 3:30pm

SPAA will provide a safe and spacious digital learning environment to allow the students the most optimal learning environment for Digital Learning. SPAA is here to help students with working families so they are not navigating the online format alone at home during the school day! All they need is their device, headphones, and a packed lunch for the day with SPAA.

Each week we will offer a guided exploration learning time to give your child a break from Digital Learning to experience a more traditional style of learning and exploration. During this time we will invite guest speakers and artists to share their talents with us, explore the fine arts, participate in sport activities, and other learning opportunities to help engage the students during their digital day.

Our staff will be available to provide assistance throughout the learning day. They will ensure that the students are able to properly log on to their online classes and are able to access all of their assignments. We will guide the students through the day to help keep them motivated and engaged throughout the digital day.

Extended learning time is available. Tutors can be scheduled during this time if you feel your child needs extra help with their course work.

Flexible scheduling to allow us to change with the county schedules and any changes they make to the online learning experience.

Receive a 15% discount off of your dance tuition if you are enrolled in our Digital Days at SPAA program.


Commit to Digital Learning Days at SPAA by the month and receive a $30/day rate. Fees are charged weekly on Monday's. Taking dance classes in the afternoon? Receive 15% off dance tuition for that month!


Need help for just a week? No problem! Daily rate is $40/day.

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